Do I need to have GPS and Wireless networks enabled?

It is recommended that you enable at least one location provider in your device settings. Failing to do so may prevent you from establishing a remote connection via our website, but you'll still be able to issue persistent commands. For the best location accuracy and connectivity we recommend enabling both Wireless networks and GPS. Enabling your Wireless network location provider will definitely help in the event your device cannot get a fix on enough GPS satellites. Often your device will get its first location fix with the Wireless network location provider and then it will get much more accurate as the GPS starts acquiring more satellites.

Wireless network: Settings > Location & security > Use wireless networks

GPS: Settings > Location & security > Use wireless networks

Contrary to popular belief, enabling the GPS doesn't actually mean the GPS is consuming any power. For more information about GPS and its affects on battery life, please view the Battery and Performance FAQ topic.

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